Bible Study 6-18-19


GENESIS 3:1-10 (The Eve Encounter) sets the stage for the root, initiation, and source of all disobedience.

This entire discourse was initiated by satan in order to gain access into the psyche.

V. 5 – Power Of Suggestion

1.) The suggestion of Spiritual Inadequacy (eyes shall be opened – Acts 26:18)

2.) The suggestion of Sensual Knowledge/Perception (knowing good & evil) (satan needed entry points, and the senses are entry points)

  • all satan needed was for her to engage (human engagements w/ demonic suggestions) in one of his suggestions (once we engage in a suggestion of satan, we create an opportunity for his entrance)
  • Mental Literacy – 2 Cor. 10:4-6; Psalm 60:12
  • Demonic suggestions sound like disobedience to God’s Word (logos & rhema)
  • Logos – log-ic (John 1:1) – written word of god(bible) that’s read 1.) Jesus is eternal – John 1:1 2.) Jesus’ previous existence (Gen. 1:26 – “let us”) 3.) Jesus is God – John 1:1 4.) Jesus is the Giver of Life – John 1:4 5.) Jesus became human to live among us – John 1:14) expound on God’s relationship to logic – God is Logical – Word (logic) Scriptures – Luke 8:11; Philippians 2:16; 2 Timothy 2:15; 1 Peter 1:23
  • Rhema – Holy Spirit induced; situational/circumstantial (Matthew 26:75; Luke 1:38; Luke 2:29; Luke 3:2; Luke 5:5; Acts 11:16)
  • Logos paves the way/lays the foundation for Rhema / Logos “STABILIZES” what appears to be Rhema. 

        – Eve was spiritually coherent already, but the serpent utilized the power of suggestion, and introduced Sensual Coherence to    her

        ****** Sensual Coherence has the potential to destroy Spiritual Realities

V. 6 – A PERCEIVED LACK CAN TRIGGER AN UNGOVERNED DESIRE (she thought she lacked spiritual sight because of the suggestion of satan, and that perceived lack caused her to look at things differently and with different intent (expound on how)


V. 7 – She ate the fruit for wisdom, and they ended up THINKING that they were inadequate/insufficient (expound) which produced INSECURITY

**** Encounters with satan will have you believing that something is wrong with the way God originally presented you to the earth.

They tried to cover up with the intention of hiding (expound on how our excuses are really just us trying to cover up what inadequacies/insufficiencies & insecurities)

V. 8 – Hid from the Presence of God – the presence of God & the voice of God are the same (expound w/ example from the scripture) (give examples on how we hide)

  • Trees of the Garden – they represent the environment we’re in
  • They tried to blend in with what they were supposed to be dominating (trying to blend in is synonymous with hiding from God)
  • The tree actually made them foolish (John 4:24 – God is a spirit – which means he had no human form at this time because Jesus had not yet been introduced into the earth realm. But Adam and Eve are now hiding from a voice that is not attached to a body – they are being spooky – which is the result we get when we search after wisdom from wrong sources (tree of knowledge of good & evil)
  • God said he would provide wisdom in James 1:5 – whenever we try to get things that God said he provide from sources other than God, we don’t get fulfilled, we get 
  • Satans first entry point into humans was the eyes

Entrepreneur Tip – let your vocation be a response to what your environment is in need of (expound on how Adam’s job was in direct correlation with what his environment needed)

Confronting Sin At The Door (Genesis 4:7) – sin at the door is the presentation of anything that is contrary to the will of God 

Explain James 1:5 – “the devastation of “owning” lust (inclusive of, but not limited to a strong craving or desire, often of a sexual nature)

Lust is mentioned 29 times in scripture, and always in a negative light (primarily referring to sexual immorality or idolatrous worship)

New Testament Occurrences – Eph. 2:3; Eph. 4:22; Titus 2:12; 1 John 2:16

Old Testament Occurrences (idolatrous worship) – Is. 57:5; Jer. 13:27; Ez. 6:9; Ez. 20:24

Lust Produces Sin – James 1:15

Taking ownership of lust, and acknowledging areas of potential failure, or areas of past failure, are not the same thing (expound)

Once ownership has been agreed upon, demonic access has been granted (expound)

Once access has been granted, demonic influence starts taking place (give example)

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