Bible Study of Genesis 3


Who told you that you were naked?

Told – means spoke to you so that you found out…

Satan introduces a “secret” to the woman. Secrets are supposed to come from God – Prov. 3:32, Deut. 29:29, Amos 3:7

Provoked curiosity in Eve Gen. 3:6 – The Spirit of Eve (curious spirit) – the curious spirit
will convince you to explore the unnecessary. Satan has a way of convincing people that they need more than what God has already provided.

The appetite of satan will cause you to eat whatʼs unnecessary (lust of flesh, lust of eyes, pride of
life)- 1 John 2:15-16

A premature search, produces an unauthorized truth.

Unauthorized Truth triggers
Ungoverned Desires that cause
you to go searching after
Unnecessary Truth – Gen. 3:5-6

Unnecessary Truth produces fear- Gen. 3:8-10

The appetite of satan will cause you to eat what you shouldnʼt, and acquire a taste for something
that you were never supposed to consume.

The truth can kill, although it was meant to make you free – John 8:32

If you appear before your time, youʼll die before your arrival.

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