Professional Men

The pursuit of advancement can be a normality for the professional man these days. While there is absolutely nothing wrong with pursuing elevation, it can become an issue if your relationship with God, wife, or children suffer as a direct result. God has the blueprint for proper balance for your life.

Professional Women

As women, it’s a fact that opportunities can be limited, and equality not a reality. This group is designed with the experience of the professional woman in mind. God is the original entrepreneur. If anyone knows what it’s like to create and build something completely new, it’s Him. And we can see that from the very beginning He has created us to share in His professional process.

Wives & Marriage

Being a wife is not easy!! Find comfort, community, and build relationships with other wives as you grow in your faith. 

 Single Women 

As single women, navigating romantic relationships can be a challenge especially when you desire a God-Centered relationship. This group is designed with the single woman in mind, creating a bridge of sisterhood, support, and faith. 

Husbands & Fathers

Being a husband & father takes manhood to another level! Tap in with other husbands & fathers for support, community, brotherhood, and discover how God plays a part in it all!



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